France, Sept 27/18

Dearest Emma; –

I had your letter of Sept 21 yesterday; and few minutes ago I received yours of Sept 22; also the parcel from the drug store. Thank you ever so much for both.

I am so sorry that you have been ill and sincerely hope that you will not be again similarly afflicted. I had two letters in the mail yesterday. The other one was from my brother. He keeps telling me in his letters that he has not heard from me since his last. This may be due to the fact that my letters have been lost or because I have not been writing many. Any way I have written to him three times since I came back from leave and that is not doing too badly is it?

It was very nice of you to pay a visit to Major Hornby. He must have received a fairly heavy dose of gas. He has no occasion to do any wondering because Colonel Hewgill has not called to see him. I remember Jull very well. He and his brother were in the 31st and the father had a commission in the 50th. All three were fine chaps. I liked the brother particularly well. He was a fine clean boy. He obtained a commission in the 28th and was killed a year ago last May.

It is now 16:40 K and by this time you will have read the evening paper and will know something of what is happening over here. I was up at 2:45 this morning and had breakfast at 3:15. It rained very hard during the night but fortunately the morning came out fine. This afternoon in fine and sunny but a very high wind is blowing. The barrage went on just before dawn and was a beauty. You will have read all about it in the papers before this letter reaches you.

We are now sleeping and eating under canvas. So long as the weather keeps fine this will be O.K.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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