France, Oct. 14/18

Dearest Wife: –

Your letter of Oct 9 came to hand this afternoon. I am so pleased that you have been able to see Margaret and trust that you will be able to meet again when she returns from Scotland. I have met the two girls whom you mention as having been at the theatre with you. They were both at No. 4 C.C.S.

You will note that I am again where I can write to you on decent paper. I feel quite rested to-night having had a good sleep last night. Some of the others were disturbed by the Hun’s shelling but I didn’t even hear it, I slept so soundly. There is a good moon to-night and the enemy planes are busy dropping bombs. As I write I can hear the explosions which rattle the door of my room but none of them are at all close. “Scotty” has a nice fire in my room which is a very comfortable one. I have had my wish for we have driven the Hun from the good billeting areas he had intended occupying during the winter. We have also captured large quantities of coal from him. This latter will help us very materially during the cold months before us. Most of the windows of course have had the glass blown out, but here and there we see one that is intact.

I looked at the book you sent. It is somewhat on the small side but will do first rate. I haven’t had a chance to write up my diary for week, but shall try to get it done to-morrow. I also opened up one of my parcels to day. It was from Frances and contained a big fruit cake, a box of cigars, a box of batchelor buttons and a box of chocolates. I have it in my mind to mail the latter to you for I know that you cannot get good ones in England now. However I opened it and the contents last but a very short time after I put it on the table. There was also some chewing gum in the box and this I distributed among the members of the mess. The other box I have not yet opened. It is from the Lockport Community Club of which Ede is an active member. Ede has evidently decided to adopt me as a member of the family. By the way I was able to dispose of one of my extra tooth brushes to day, to an officer who had lost his kit up the line during recent operations.

“Scotty” is troubled these days. He asked me to-night if I contemplated changing batmen, as he feared that his clothes were not neat enough for the O.C.’s batman. I assured him that I had no intention of making any change at present, and also told him that my present position of O.C. unit would be of short duration. As a matter of fact I expect to be superseded within a very short time as I am much too junior to expect to retain the command.

I hope that before this you will have been able to see General Bell. Certainly send him flowers or anything else that will give him pleasure. This will be about the first real rest the Gerneral has had since the war stared.

Good night Sweetheart. I must try to write Margaret a short letter. Punch, Life and the Saturday Evening Post are all coming to hand.

Yours lovingly
Harold W. McGill

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