France, Oct 16, 1918

Dearest & Best;-

I had two letters from you to-night, those dated Oct 10 & 11, respectively. Our mail man did not get back until after dinner. Your letter of Oct 8 came yesterday. You will remember that the one of Oct 9 came the day before.

It has been a raw wet day but I have a nice fire in my room and am perfectly comfortable. There is some very good furniture in the room that the Huns had not time to loot or destroy before their hurried departure. The enemy is getting it hot and heavy these days and may crack up almost any time. Our mess does not seem the same now with so many familiar faces gone. We had a fine dinner to-night, stewed mushrooms and raw onions. We are over the hills and far away from civilians now, so we cannot buy eggs and other luxuries to which we have become accustomed. However there are fine vegetable gardens in every direction and we can have the produce for the picking. Our cook picked the mushrooms in a chateau grounds close by our billets. The Hun certainly left a lot of things behind that will make for our creature comfort during the approaching winter. I am glad he didn’t have time to destroy the gardens.

Did I tell you about the civilians we rescued during the recent fighting? They were driven past our dressing station about noon. Some of the soldiers had hitched a team of army horsed to a French 4 wheeler and had loaded it up with the refugees. There were several old women and girls, and one good sized boy. All looked supremely happy to be out of the clutches of the barberous Hun, and you should have heard the cheers our fellows gave them as they were driven past. It was quite a triumphal procession.

Please accept my best wishes upon this, the occasion of your birthday. What is the best thing I can wish, that for many many more of your birthdays we shall have each others love?

Hope you have seen General Bell before this.

Yours lovingly,

Harold W. McGill

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