France, Oct 30, 1918

Dearest Emma; –

Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I failed to receive a letter from you. Of course I may get two yet to day for the mail has not come in. It is a beautiful day out almost like Spring. Our new O.C., Major Lomer, was around to see us yesterday. He has been D.A.D.M.S. of our division for some time and we all know him quiet well. He will take over ina day or two. I shall be very pleased when he comes and takes the responsibility off of my shoulders.

Had a letter from Margaret in yesterday’s mail. She is back at No. 2 and is on night duty. She is somewhat undecided as to her future course of action and may apply for a transfer to another hospital in France if she does not try for transport duty. She says that she could get a transfer to England quite readily but prefers to remain in France.

How long do you expect to remain in Chichester? It should be very nice living down there so long as the present fine weather lasts. I presume that your mail service will not be so good as in London.

Leave warrants are now coming in faster than they can be used, i.e. officer’s warrants. We had to turn one down yesterday. An officer is not eligible for leave until he has been at least 5 months in the country. You will thus see that unless this time limit is shortened I shall not get away again until Feb. 9. This would be a fine time of the year in which to visit the South of France. I sincerely hope that this will be the last winter of the war. Do you wish me to volunteer for the army of occupation, provided of course that I may have my wife come over and live with me? Or would you rather return at once to Canada upon the cessation of hostilities?

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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