France, Nov. 9, 1918

Dearest Emma;-

Was very pleased to have your two letters of Nov 2 & 3 respectively to day at noon. Was especially pleased to know that you had been at church. We have had no Canadian mail for ever so long, and indeed very little mail of any kind. The war may be over for anything we know. The latest paper I have seen was dated Nov. 6 Some of our mail may have been lost, for I did not see the paper of Nov. 3 at all.

One of our unit bearers gave me a pickelhaube that he captured during our recent show, and Maclean is busy packing it up to send to my nephew Edward in Vancouver. It is not a first class one but is the best I could obtain. There are not many of them worn nowadays. Most of the Germans wear the steel helmet, and of course one may pick these up by the hundred.

I have been thinking over my our (That was a serious error) Christmas list, and it is surprising how fresh names keep obtruding. Really though I think we should send some little remembrance to Dr. and Mrs. Chambers. Chambers has been very good to me. He sends me papers every week, and every short while I receive a big parcel of tobacco and cigars from him. He doesn’t write often, it is true, but I always regard him as a very warm friend and one of the best sort.

As for Maclean I think that perhaps a wrist watch might take his fancy. Steward at 406 Strand, the optical people, used to sell a very good Ingersol wrist watch with a luminous dial. They were excellent timekeepers and cost 17 S 6d a couple of years ago. They would probably run over a pound now. I used one myself for a time when I was with the battalion and afterwards gave it to a batman. I think I shall get one for the boy who gave me the helmet. The Canada presents are the only ones there is any hurry about.

Yours very lovingly

Harold W. McGill

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