France, Nov. 17/18.

Dearest Wife; –

We have had no mail, except a few newspapers, for the past 3 days. I expect to receive a big budget from you when the letters do finally arrive. I am not sure that the letter I wrote you on Nov. 14 has got away yet but hope that it has.

The reason I have not been writing is that we have been on the move. Yesterday and the day before we marched some thirty miles. I felt quite tired when we got in last night, but we struck fine billets and everyone is feeling better to-day, especially as we are having a days rest. The unit moves on again to-morrow. I should not mind remaining here a day or two longer for I have a room in a steam heated house. We have our mess in most luxurious surroundings and the people of the house cannot do enough for us. It is fine on a cold raw day like this to be able to sit in an easy chair up beside a hot radiator.

The weather is cold here now, but it is keeping dry. The trek we are making would be fine in early Spring or early Autumn but I fear that the season is now too far advanced to allow of the journey being one of much pleasure. It is scarcely necessary to me to tell you that we are heading for the Rhine. The Belgian people are giving us a most wonderful welcome. It is likely enough though that we shall receive some black looks when we get across the border into Germany. It is a most interesting experience and I should not care to have missed it by going home before the war was finished and won. Are not the armistice terms terrible, for the Germans I mean? The Hun is certainly getting some of what is coming to him.

Goodbye Love
Your husband
Harold W. McGill

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