France, Nov 19/18

Dearest Emma; –

We received our mail this afternoon after being without it for four or five days. In it were 3 letters from you, those written on Nov 9, 11 & 12 respectively. I need not tell you how pleased I was to hear from you and to know that you are well and fully rejoiced over the termination of the war. You will I know be greatly disappointed the troops will not be starting for home immediately but of course you will understand that such a happy outcome is quite out of the question.

You will please excuse me writing to you on military stationary. I have a good billet, but it is some distance from the mess and I decided to get a letter written before the mail closed. The mess room is steam heated and has electric light. My billet has the latter but is not steam heated.

We had a long march yesterday and did not reach our destination until long after dark. We are now billeted in a coal mining town between Mons & Charleroi and every body has comfortable quarters. The inhabitants have given us a wonderful welcome. Last night they lined the roads for miles and hung out lanterns to light us on our way. We marched through Mons early in the afternoon. I think I told you about my being in Mons the day the armistice came into force (No. 11). The town we are in is one of between seven and eight thousand of a population. The streets are hung with flowers, flags and coloured electric light to celebrate our coming. Nearly everybody insisted upon shaking hands with us when we arrived last night. You will understand that we form part of the vanguard of the army marching for the Rhine. I saw street cars running last night, the first I have seen in operation since I returned from leave. We shall have another days rest here and then march forward once more. I shall try to write again tomorrow.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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