France Nov 21/18

Dearest Emma; –

Your letter of Nov. 14 reached me yesterday. I had fully intended writing to you yesterday but was more or less ill and didn’t feel much like writing. I am writing this in bed. I remained in bed all day yesterday as I had a temperature of something over 100°. I took a big dose of castor oil and did not get up this morning. My unit has marched away and left me. They will however send a car back for me when they get settled in billets. It’s rotten luck to be ill when we are on the move but I shall be quite alright to morrow.

We march for 4 days in succession now before we rest again. We should be on the other side of the Meuse at the end of that period.

I am billeted in the Curé’s house and the old man has been very good to me. He sent me up a bottle of wine yesterday. I wish I could speak good enough French to let him know how much I appreciate his kindness. Maclean has been in almost constant attendance since I became ill early yesterday morning.

When our unit reached Coblentz and we get settle I shall probably ask for a transfer to England, i.e. if the unit is likely to be retained in Germany all winter. On the other hand, if it can be arranged for you to meet me in Paris or elsewhere in France or Belgium, I shall put in for leave in France and afterwards put in for a transfer to England. It would be nice for us to have our trip to the South of France even if the war is over.

If you get a chance to return to Canada and wish to go at once I have no objection to your doing so although of course I should much rather you waited until we had another leave anyway. It may be months before I shall be able to return to Canada. Personally I do not expect to see Calgary until next May or June.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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