Belgium, Nov. 26/18

Dearest Emma; –

You will I know think me frightfully mean not to write more often and to evince slightly greater interest in the proposals you have outlined regarding our next leave and my ultimate home coming or going. You must understand my dear that we are on the move and it is only when we are halted for a day or two that I have a chance to write letters. We marched yesterday and the day before but are spending to day I billets. We shall move on to morrow or the day after.

I have your three letters of NO. 17, 18 & 20 respectively. The latter arrived this afternoon. I also received a letter from Flora to-day. She said that Enid and she were about to make their Christmas cake. I am away behind with Christmas letter writing and almost despair of getting much of it done. I must try to get a letter off to Margaret to-night.

We are now marching through a country full of historic interest. The day before yesterday were passed within 3 or 4 miles of Quatre Bras and yesterday morning marched through Ligny where Napoleon defeated Blucher in June 1815. If we do not move to-morrow some of us are going to try to go for a joyride and see the field of Waterloo which is about 20 miles away from here.

I cannot do much in regard to our Paris trip until we reach the Rhine and we shall be on the road for at least three weeks more. There is some rough inhospitable looking country ahead of us and the journey is likely to be something far from a pleasure excursion. So soon as we reach our destination I shall put in for Paris leave and make arrangements to meet you there. I shall also put in for a transfer to England as I fancy that by then I shall have had enough of the war which is I hope quite over anyway. If we cannot go home together at once I can do some P.G. work in the London hospitals until the authorities will let you come with me.

My all and best love
Yours ever
Harold W. McGill

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