Manderfeld Prussia, 6/12/18

Dearest Emma;-
The letter I wrote to you last night has not gone out yet, but I must write you again to-night for we march to-morrow once more and I may be too tired at the end of the journey to be able to write you a real breezy epistle. The letters I received from you some days ago were dated Nov 24, 25 & 26 respectively. I have had none from you since. However I hear the Bgde. P.O. is in this town to-night and I fully expect to receive a big handful of nice letters from you.
We marched about 17 miles to-day and had some atrocious hills to climb. The road was covered with a semi liquid mud but otherwise the footing was good. We left at eight in the morning and arrived here just at dark. A good many of us had wet feet when we got in but I changed my socks and boots and feel fine now. We are now waiting for our mess orderlies to cook a goose for dinner. This will be a real treat for us if the boys get it properly cooked.
At noon to day we halted for an hour. The officers had their lunch in a school house beside the road. The school teacher and his family lived in rooms at one end of the school house and we used the front room for our lunch room. The school teacher gave us some very black looks, but his wife who was a rather pretty little woman was not unpleasant and lent us a white table cloth. Our troops do not stand upon any ceremony in their dealings with the Germans, for they are in the position of Banquo with the witches in Macbeth, they “neither seek their favour nor fear their hate”.
Our march to-morrow is not a long one something under 14 miles. I shall try to write you after we get in.
Your ever loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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