Schmidtheim, 7/12/18

Dearest Emma;-
I was rather tired to night when we got in and I had a blister on one heel. After I had a good dinner and changed my boots I felt much better. After dinner I was enticed into a bridge game and it is only now 2230 that I am starting to write. I began a letter to Margaret last night and did not get it finished. I shall to do so to morrow.
We do not move to-morrow, Merci Dieu! We came rather farther to day than we expected, a distance of between 15 & 16 miles. We have marched 8 days out of the last 10 and I am sure we have averaged over 15 miles a day. We are now well into Germany. The people behave themselves but one can easily imagine what their feelings must be watching a conquering army marching through their country. God help the vanquished for no one else will.
We have fine billets here. The officers are in a big chateau and we have an immense dining room with a tuq stove in one end. My room is a splendid one and it also has a big stove in it. It is very lucky for us that the halt day comes when we are in such comfortable quarters.
Your two letters came last night after I had sealed the envelope with the letter I had just written. The letters to which I refer were written on Nov. 27 & 28 respectively. The dining room where I am writing is beautifully lighted with electric light and is quite warm. I shall go to bed so soon as I have finished this letter and I intend to remain in bed until 8 in the morning. Nor do I intend to move about much after I do get up. 3 or 4 more marches will take us to Bonn on the Rhine.
Goodnight best beloved.
Your husband
Harold W. McGill

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