Schmidtheim, Dec 8/18

Dearest Emma;-
We have had a splendid rest to-day. The hardest work I did was to walk down to the orderly room, a distance of some 50 yards. I have just finished writing a letter to Margaret. I fear that you will get such a bunch of my letters all together that you will become tired reading them. I don’t believe any I have written in the past four days have gone out yet. We are all alive and well but if the looks we get from the people of the house could kill the most of us would probably be dead.
The Germans are now getting a taste, a very slight taste, of what the people in the occupied districts of France and Belgium had to endure for 4 long weary years. On yesterdays march the Sgt. Major of our transport made every civilian that our column passed take off his hat to the officer in charge.
The program now calls for us too march for two days in succession and then to rest for a few days before making our entry into Bonn. We shall probably be stationed in some town across the Rhine from Bonn. The latter city is now only between 40 & 50 miles away, about 3 days good marching. We leave here at 8 30 to-morrow morning and march to a place called Munstereiffel. We have been coming through rough hilly country for the past 10 days but after to-morrow we shall be fairly well through it. So far the weather has been almost altogether in our favour, for apart from a couple of days of rain it has been good for marching and for the horses. Had the weather been frosty I don’t know how we could have gotten our transport over some of the hills we have crossed.
It is just one year ago today since I left the unit to proceed to England on a very important mission. A French interpreter told me to day that the Westminster was a good hotel in Paris. I hope we shall be able to try it or another before the end of the month. I shall write you again to-morrow night if I am not too tired after my 16 miles.
Yours lovingly
Harold W. McGill

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