Rungsdorf, 11/12/18

Dearest Emma;-

I was too dog tired to attempt a letter to you after I got into billets last night. Besides we were put in a very poor town and my room was cold. I went to bed right after we had dinner. To day we had a comparatively short march, only about 12 miles, and reached this place shortly after 13:00 o’clock as we did not have dinner on the road as per the usual program.

Rungsdorf is on the Rhine and is about 5 or 6 miles S.E. of Bonn. We shall march through Bonn on Friday Dec 13. The officers are all billeted in the Rhein Hotel which is beautifully situated on the river bank. I have a splendid room, steam heated, and facing the river. It has no bathroom attached, but otherwise is as fine as anything on our tour in Scotland.

The place was evidently a big tourist hotel in pre war days. I am writing this in my room the steam radiator of which is giving out a lovely heat. I wish you were here with me for the room has two beds and I cannot sleep in both at once. The service in the hotel is very good too and we don’t have to give any tips. It is the first time in my life that I ever walked around a first class hotel with a loaded revolver strapped to my side. Our methods may be a little primitive but they bring results. I have an idea that if the same procedure were introduced into some of the London Hotels the service might be thereby improved. We have taken over the smoking room, a magnificent place, for our mess.

We are to have another day of rest to-morrow for which we are all duly thankful. This is a very pretty little city but I shan’t bother going around any. I shall remain indoors, rest and write letters. My correspondence has become hopelessly behindhand during the month we have been on the road. A year ago to-night I was tearing up Regent Street London getting a few articles necessary for a very important event the next morning. I remember I met Geo. Johnson. Probably neither you or I ever thought at that time that I should spend the first anniversary of our marriage in a hotel on the banks of the Rhine.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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