Bonn, Prussia, Dec 14/18

Dearest Emma;-

Here we are across the Rhine at last. We have good billets, but may move again in a few days. The move, if it does occur, will only be to another town in the same area and will not involve any more forced marching. Our billets here are not quite so elaborate as we had at the Rheinhotel in Rungsdorf but they are very comfortable. I had to turn the steam off the radiator last night, the room was so warm. It was well that we reached warm dry billets last night for we marched several hours in a pouring rain and were like drowned rats when we got in. Yesterday the 2nd Canadian Division marched through Bonn and across the bridge to the opposite side of the river. I rode my horse for the first time since we started out to march through part of France and across Belgium into Germany. It was a rather long and strenuous trip and I shouldn’t care to start in to do it again right away. In fact I have hopes that we shall return by rail.

The day before yesterday I had four letters from you but have had none since. Our mail should reach us more regularly from now on i.e. after the division gets properly settled in its new area. Your letters were dated Dec 3, 4, 5, and 6, respectively. The latest newspaper I have seen was dated Dec.7.

The trip I have just made has been hard on boots and clothes and I have just discarded an old serge. This leaves me with only one on hand and I fear I shall have to wear my new one on our Paris trip. I wonder if it would bother you too much to have the tailors, Cooper Gauchier and Co., 22 Bury St. St James send me my serge, riding breeches and British warm by registered mail. i.e. in separate parcels. He has the service jacket, and the other two garments are in my trunk with the storage people.

By the way, all transfers are being stopped. I know one case where it was applied for on Nov 11 and the officer has just received word that it is all off. No further applications for transfers are being received so I presume I shall have to remain here until the unit is returned to England. However I shall probably be able to get leave without much difficulty. Have you obtained a passport to enable you to travel to Nice or elsewhere in France? We may wish to see the South of France as well as Paris.

I am very pleased that you are meeting so many of your friends at teas and luncheons. This will help to make the time pass pleasantly for you during these dull days.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

P.S. I have about a dozen letters to answer, some of them months over due.
H.W. McG.

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