Bonn, Prussia, Dec 16/18

Dearest Emma;-

Your letter of Dec 7 reached me yesterday and to-day I received yours of Dec 9 &10 respectively. Besides your letters I received a bundle of papers to day from Dr. Chambers. There was an account in one of the peace celebrations in Calgary the day the armistice was signed.

I was quite interested in your statement that we might be able to take over the Fleshers’ house when we return to Canada. I doubt very much though if we shall be able to get back to Calgary by the end of March. They have a nice house and it would be fine for us if we could get the use of it for a time until we get one of our own. How long do they expect to remain in the East?

To day we are getting the men a bath and a change of underwear. They haven’t had such a thing since they left for the long trek over a month ago. You can imagine the state they were in. We shall probably move to other billets to-morrow. It will be quite a short march, only a few miles. The officers are very comfortable here but we require more room for the men. We shall have a fine mess in the new area. The officers are going into an old castle that has been rebuilt and modernized. We shall probably spend our Christmas there. I was over to see it yesterday afternoon.

Leave has not opened up yet, but I presume that in a few days a train service will be started and after that there should be a liberal allotment. There are two ahead of me on the list in this unit but if I take mine to Paris it should not interfere with those going to England. Capt Parker, one of our officers has not been on leave for over 6 months. There is no chance of my being transferred to England and I have been wondering lately if it might not be a good thing for you to put your name in as one wishing to sail next month or the month after so that you would be ready to go soon after our leave if there appeared to be no chance of my getting away for some months yet. Really I fear that it may be well on into next summer before I am able to return to Canada, and even if you waited that length of time you might not then be able to accompany me. However if there is a good chance of your being able to come with me of course I should wish you to wait. As things are here now I do not know how I could get a wire through to you. I am quite sure that there is at present no train service between here and Paris and it would probably take me several days to reach there. I think we shall be lucky if we get our leave by the middle of January. Anyway no harm will be done if you do not return to Canada before Spring for there is likely to be a severe coal shortage there this winter. Please let me know when you write if my clothes are on the way. Use the same address as here before my 5th Cdn. F. Amb. B.E.F.

Your ever loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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