Bonn, Prussia, Dec 21/18

Dearest Emma;-

There have been no letters in the mail for me since I got your three the other day. I drew quite a bunch that day as the Canadian mail was in. I also had a letter from Margaret , who spoke of having heard from you. I have had quite a number of Christmas parcels most of which I have opened. Any that come from now on I shall keep until Dec 25; otherwise we shall have very few dainties for our bill of fare that day. A cake came from Enid the other day. This I have not opened. I wrote to Eora a few days ago. After Christmas I shall write to Enid and let her know how good the cake is. There have been boxes of splendid chocolates in some of my parcels. I wish I could have sent some of them to you. Frances sent me a big collection of chocolates. One box contained chocolate coated cherries that were delicious. This box was in Frances’ parcel.

The leave train service from Bonn was opened the day before yesterday. I have spoken to the O.C. about my leave and he thinks it can be arranged without difficulty. It may be though that I shall not be able to get the full two weeks. I wish I were not so far away from Paris. If rooms are as hard to obtain there as is reported we may have difficulty in getting a room. I might of course get leave to England within a short time but I should like you to see Paris before we go home.

How much money will you require to take you to Canada? Be sure to notify the Pay & Record Office of your Canadian address before you leave in order that your separation allowance and assigned pay may be regularly forthcoming. Where do you think you will go in Canada if you go home ahead of me?

The weather here is keeping quite mild for the season. A few flakes of snow fell this morning but it melted as soon as it struck the ground. Yesterday the oginal officers of the 2nd Cdn Division who came to France in 1915 were gathered together at the East end of Bonn bridge for the purpose of having a picture taken. I saw Lt. Col. Doughty there. He told me that Mrs. Doughty had arrived in St. Johns. If it is a fine day to-morrow the O.C. and I may take a run into Cologne. It is about 18 miles from here. On clear days one can see the spires of the Cathedral from the high ground near here.

I shall write you every day or two and keep you posted as to the development of the leave question. Am looking of a letter from you to-morrow.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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