Bonn, Prussia, Dec. 24, 1918

Dearest Emma;-

This is Christmas Eve and I have just been made happy by the receipt of your letter of Dec. 16. I have just finished a letter to Frances. My head is aching very badly to-night and I can hardly manage to write, so if my letter lacks in interest you will know the reason.

I saw the A.D.M.S. about my leave yesterday. At first he said that I could not get leave to Paris but must go home to my wife. When I had assured him that you had arranged to meet me in Paris he said the matter might be considered. I think I can get my leave almost any time now after my clothes come. It was most unfortunate that I did not send for them earlier, but of course I knew nothing of the embargo of parcels from England. I shall know what to do when I hear of what action you have taken in the matter.

Regarding hotels in Paris one of our officers assures me that the Westminster is a fine place and in every way suitable. In any case I shall have to wire ahead for accommodation, so if you have any particular choice please let me know the name of the place where you would like to stay. I have no idea in the world the names of the hotels that Mrs. MacKay and those other people recommended.

We are likely to have a good Christmas dinner to-morrow. The turkeys did not come, unfortunately, but we managed to buy a couple of geese for our mess and a pair of young pigs for the men. We also obtained a supply of oranges, nuts and dates. We were able to buy a box of apples but there will not be enough of these latter to go around. We had a lovely day to-day and I hope we may have another to-morrow.

Your loving husband

Harold W. McGill

P.S. We shall eat Enid’s cake to-morrow.
H. McGill

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