Bonn, Prussia, Dec. 27, 1918

Dearest Emma;-

There was no letter from you in to-days mail but yesterday there were two, yours of Dec. 18 & 19 respectively. I wrote to Enid this afternoon and must try to write to Margaret to-morrow. The parcel of fuel for the cooker arrived to-night. Just at present I have not much use for it as the batman has only to turn the tap in the bathroom in order to get hot water for me in the mornings. Oh! We are living in luxury these days. However if we have to go on a long march the fuel will come in very useful indeed.

Capt. Parker went on leave this morning and promised to phone a short message to you that I gave him to deliver. The lack of clothing is all that is holding me up on the leave now and I hope to hear something from you concerning them in a few days. I might have asked you to bring them along with you to Paris but I knew that you would have quite enough baggage of your own to look after. In any case I am now filled with vain regrets that I did not write for them before I did. I think you would be well advised to apply for passage to Canada at the end of January. I shall probably be home within three or four months after that.

Our Christmas passed off very well. The geese were splendid and we had some first class Rhenish wine to drink. The turkeys have not yet arrived. The men had an excellent dinner but of course had no fowl. The fresh pork was very good though. We had some in the mess yesterday.

It has been raining most of the day and I haven’t been out of the house except to go up to the hospital this morning. I hope that we shall have fine weather for our holiday in Paris which I feel now cannot be long delayed.

Yours with best love

Harold W. McGill

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