Bonn, Prussia, Dec. 30, 1918

Dearest Emma;-

Today’s mail brought me three letters, your two of Dec. 20 & 22 respectively, and one from my cousin in Vancouver. I am pleased to know that you were making preparations to send my clothing along and shall be looking for it within the next week. The shoemaker got some leather the other day and was mending my good boots this morning. Since we finished the march I have been compelled to wear a pair of issue boots and these would hardly do for purposes of leave. My trench boots had the soles completely worn off during the march and my fine boots were leaking.

You did not say anything about hotels in your letter so if I do not hear from you to the contrary I shall telegraph for a room at the Westminster when I know the date of my leave. By the way, I did not receive the wire you spoke of being about to send me. The trouble with our projected holiday and meeting is that one cannot depend upon the delivery of telegrams these days. However I have no doubt that we shall be able to meet without undue difficulty. I shall try to find out the names of some of the Canadian centres in Paris such as the Pay office where we could look for each other if we failed to meet at the hotel. I fear it will be quite out of the question for me to meet you at the train for I shall not know upon which you will arrive. Do you come by Southampton and Le Havre?

This will be about all to-night. I hope we shall meet before an answer to this letter gets back to me; not that I wish you to delay in writing. I received a lovely box of cigars from Margaret last evening. Good night dear and may we soon meet.

Your loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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