Bonn, Jan 2/1919

Dearest Emma; –

The mail came in a few minutes ago. There were no letters for me but I received your telegram re mailing of my clothes. Many thanks for your good wishes for the New Year. We did have rather a good time and a good dinner. We could manage to secure only one goose this time but managed to get a pair of ducks to make up the shortage. Both goose and ducks were extremely nice.

It was a beautiful day and quite mild. In the afternoon the O-C. and I took a car and made some New Years calls. Among other places we called at 31st Bn. Hq. and saw Col. Doughty. I also saw Lt. Jull who asked very kindly concerning you. After dinner we played bridge until midnight. We had two guests in for dinner. Col. Doughty said he was coming over to have dinner some evening.

To day has been almost like a day in Alberta, mild with brilliant sunshine. Some of the officers went out horseback riding. I paid a visit to our little hospital in the morning and again in the afternoon after which I did a little pistol practise with Capt. Moses. Capt Moses by the way is ahead of me on the leave list but is acting sanitary officer and cannot get away until the real S.O. returns from his leave. I have asked for leave to Paris & Nice beginning Jan 10. My clothes should surely arrive before that date. So soon as I know the exact date of my leave I shall figure out the time of the journey to Paris and telegraph ahead for a room. I have given the Westminster Hotel, Rue de la Paix, as my address. I shall then get a wire off to you giving you the day that I shall be in Paris. We shall not likely have any difficulty in finding each other. Get a garçon at the station to find a taxi for you. The taxis in Paris are very scarce I am told. If the weather in Paris is cold when we get there we shall go on down to Nice and see Paris on our way back. It will be like our trip in Scotland; we shall be able to see only a certain amount anyway and we shall not try to do our trip “By numbers”. We all received papers to day to fill in with answers to questions regarding demobilization. One of the questions would almost make me think that there was a chance of my getting you back on the same boat as I shall return on myself. You may be surprised to learn that to the question “Do you wish to remain with the O.M.O.C. until your services are no longer required?, I answered “No”. Such is the case though. The sooner I am out of the army the better suited I shall be. I should like to do some P.G. work around the London hospitals, but I suppose there will be so many Canadian M.O.s doing this that one would find too much of a crowd around the clinics.

I fear this is not much of a letter. Certainly it is not very well paragraphed. I started out to tell you what a fine day it has been, and wandered off talking about leave and all sorts of things. I hope it is a fine day to-morrow for I am going out to take the sick parade in the morning at the aerodrome. We collect the sick from the R.A.F. squadron. They have no M.O. and now and then one of us will run out and see them. I was out two days ago and the Flight commander took me for a joy ride. I hope I shall get an invitation to go up again.

Hope I shall be sending you a telegram marked “Urgent” before many days.

Your loving husband,

Harold W. McGill

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