Bonn, Jan 3/1919

Dearest Emma;-

A few minutes ago I received three registered parcels and a registered letter. I was very much surprised to see the clothes here so soon for I had not expected them for several days yet. I might have applied for leave beginning at an earlier date than Jan 10. However just as soon as the warrant comes in I shall wire you and then start for Paris. It may be that I shall be able to get away a day or two ahead of time. I shall write you just before I leave for Paris in case my wire may fail in reaching you.

The registered letter was from Dr. Chambers and I was very pleased to get it. I should have been even more pleased though had there been an enclosure from you along with it, especially as I haven’t had a letter for several days. Of course I had the wire but that was a very short message. Do you know what Dr. Chambers’ letter contained? It had a cheque for us to buy a wedding present. The cheque was really for you so you might just as well have extracted it from the letter while the latter was in your possession. No! I shall not tell you the value of the cheque but will keep you guessing until we meet in a few days time. I first thought of sending it to you in this letter but decided that you would probably have left for Paris by the time this reaches your London address. So I shall just keep it and have the great pleasure of delivering it in person.

I did not get a joy ride in the air to day. We all went into Bonn to have a group photograph taken but the wretched photographer was out and we had our journey for nothing. I shall tell you all the rest when we meet in Paris. I am becoming quite excited over the prospect of meeting you so soon.

Your devoted husband

Harold W. McGill

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