Belgium, Feb 6, 1919

Dearest Emma;-

Your letter of Feb 1 reached me at noon to day. I had just finished a letter to my aunt in Toronto. I must write Mrs. Clarke in Calgary before long. I am getting pretty well caught up with my correspondence once more. Many thanks for the copies of “Life” you are sending and which are arriving regularly.

The Third Cdn. Division is I believe being now taken over to England for demobilization. The First will come next and then our lot. We should reach Bramshott within a couple months. Do you think that is too long to wait or would you rather go home now? I do not think I shall apply to leave the unit until I hear something more about the proposed P.G. course for army medical officers. On the other hand if nothing more comes through about it for some time I shall try to get over to England ahead of the division.

Major Dunham went into Charleroi this afternoon and bought me this writing pad. It is not particularly fine but is better than the military stationary I have been using lately. The military correspondence book is very handy all the same.

The O.C. and Major Dunham are going off to morrow for leave in Paris & Nice. The O.C. expects to leave for Canada very shortly after his return so I shall very probably be left in/c of the unit. This may delay my getting away from it but at the worst I hope I shall be able to get free once we are in England. Of course an outsider may be sent over to command the unit. In that case I should make a strong effort to at once get away. Anyway our whole division will probably be in Bramshott before a transfer would get through even if such were being granted.

There hasn’t been a Canadian mail since I returned from leave. I am anxious to hear from Dr. Follett and to know what sort of a deal he made with the Herald people in regard to the renewal of my lease. It will certainly be somewhat of an advantage to have an office to which I shall be able to return. Dr. Follett certainly has reaped quite an advantage also in going into my office for I was able to turn him over enough work to more than pay the rent. Besides this he had the use of all my office furniture and instruments of which I had a good outfit.

The weather has turned quite mild compared with what it has been, but there was a heavy fall of snow yesterday.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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