Belgium, Feb 8, 1919

Dear Emma;-

Your letter of Feb 2 came to hand this afternoon. I haven’t any special news for you in regard to demobilization or anything else. I saw Col. Macdonald, the a/A.S.M.S. yesterday, and took up the subject of my transferring to England. He said that nothing could be done about it at present. Of course I quite understood why, for until Col. Simpson returns the situation will not admit of much change. Our O.C. will not be back until near the end of this month and in the meantime of course I shall have to carry on as temporary O.C. when Col Lomer goes away there will likely be another O.C. sent to the unit. I shall then make a rigorous effort to get myself clear, for if the powers that be appoint another O.C. they can scarcely have the face to maintain that I am an indispensible. However we shall see what we shall see.

I am anxious to hear something more of the post graduate course. If any such course is to be arranged I certainly think I should be entitled to some consideration. It would be a very good way in which I could occupy the time intervening between any arrival in England and the date of our leaving for Canada. This is an Eastern Canada unit there should be no reason whatever for retaining me in it for any time after we reach England or from now for that matter.

Many thanks for the copies of “Life”. I think I have had only two copies of “Punch” since I returned from leave and they were here when I got back. From now on I shall keep track of the numbers I receive and the date of their arrival. I shall then let you know exactly how they are coming. I fear that Dorland Agency is an aggregation of crooks. Certainly I receive many more copies of “Life” than of “Punch”.

The weather has made a change for the better although it is now colder than previously. The past two days have been bright and sunny, a welcome change for the dark gloomy weather that had lasted for over two weeks.

There has been no Canadian mail come to our unit since my return from leave. I have been expecting a letter form Margaret. She must have got away on leave to Paris and has no time for writing.

Your ever loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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