Belgium, Feb 10, 1919

Dearest Emma;-

Your two letters of Feb 3 & 4 respectively came to hand yesterday. It is now after 16 o’clock and we have not yet received to day’s mail. There may be another letter from you in it for me; I hope so. No mail from Canada has come in since I returned from Paris. Neither have I heard from Margaret lately. She must be on leave I think. She did not specify in her last letter as to whether or not she would go beyond Paris but I took it that she did not intend to do so.

The weather keeps very cold but it is bright and sunny. My room is far too cold for me to sit in and write so I asked Madame for permission to write in her Salle a Manger, in other words the dining room. It is nice and quiet here and somehow I like being alone when I am writing to you. When I write in the mess I always think of our honeymoon at the Petrograd Hotel, when we nearly always had a crowd of friends and acquaintances about. I think I know the Col. Gardner you mention. Is he in/c of the First Canadian Field Ambulance? No, I do not wish you to bother any with the “Powers that be”. Of course I should like to get home to Canada at once, but if there is any chance of my getting a P.G. course while still on full pay & allowances I shouldn’t wish to miss it. Col, Lomer will be going away to Canada very shortly after he returns from leave. Certainly I shall feel more or less hurt if a new O.C. is sent to the unit whether the appointment means promotion or not. I am one of the junior member of the corps, it is true, but one gets tired of being superseded time after time, more especially when I demonstrated my ability to handle the unity in an emergency when Col. Rappele was wounded. No matter what happens I shall get out of the unit and back to England if such a thing be possible. You will think I am becoming a confirmed grumbler so I shall change the subject.

I am pleased to know that you were able to make a satisfactory purchase on behalf of Dr. Chambers. Your will have quite a collection to take home. By the way there is no use my writing that customs broker gentleman in Medicine Hat for I could not make a declaration as to the contents of the box. Will it take any harm if we do not release it until we go home? I have strong hopes of our division reaching the Bramshott area in April. It would hardly be worth your while to come down to the Glen Lea for I would try to get away from, the unit and up to London for P.G. work as soon as I could.

Your devoted husband
Harold W. McGill

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