Feb. 14, 1919

Dearest Emma;-

Your letter of Feb 7 came yesterday and yours of Feb 9 to day. I am very sorry to hear of your cousin in Niagara. I see by the papers that the Tube strike is finished so I hope that you will now be able to go out more than lately.

This is St. Valentine’s Day and I have no valentine to send you other than the assurance of my continued love.

The weather turned much milder this morning but it is really less agreeable than the sharp sunny weather that we have been having lately. The snow is melting fast to day but the indications are for rain.

I had a letter from Frances yesterday. She said she was writing to you so I presume you will have heard from her before this letter reaches you. I had one from Herb in to day’s mail. It was dated Jan 19. The Canadian mails seem to be coming faster than formerly.

If the present program regarding demobilization is carried out our division should reach Bramshott sometime next month. I see that Gen. Bell is commandant of the camp there. I had had the idea that he had returned to Canada. The soldiers that wish to return to Canada with their dependants will have to wait until the others are all gone. Your waiting for me probably means that you will not get home as soon as you wish. Perhaps it would have been better for you to have gone in December last; but in that case we should have missed that wonderful trip to Nice. I hope it will not be necessary for you to move down to the Bramshott area for if possible I shall get away from the unit within a few days or a week or two after we land in England. When does Mrs. Ross intend to start for Canada? I am sorry to hear that Col Gardner’s little girl is still ill and that he is laid up himself.

Capt Moses returned from leave the day before yesterday. The O.C. and Major Dunham will probably return in about a week. There is now no English leave from here and most of those whose turn it is to go are taking their regular leave in France. I fear that I shall not see Margaret before she leaves for Canada but she will likely have a chance to call on you before she sails.

Yours with greatest love

Harold W. McGill

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