Feb. 16, 1919

Dearest Emma;-

Yesterday I had two letters from you, the one dated Feb. 8 and the one dated Feb. 10. The latter contained the papers in connection with the shipment of your trunk which I shall return to you as you are the only one capable of taking the affidavit necessary.

In regard to the parcel at the P.M. Deposit Coy I should say that the opening of the box and the securing of the souvenir for Mrs. Drysdale might be safely left until the time of my arrival in England. That is of course unless she is about to start for S. America and in that case she would not wish to be bothered with the cartridge case. I do not wonder that Mrs. Drysdale contemplates returning to S. America. England is headed straight for the rocks unless the activities of these crazy socialist agitators are curbed. Limitation of production seems to be their chief desire in life and no good will ever come of following out such a doctrine. Anyway I shall return you those papers as soon as I get a hold of a big enough envelope.

I drew quite a little in the mail yesterday. Besides your two letters I received two parcels. One was evidently from you. It was mailed from the Times Book Co and contained a box of this notepaper and also six pads of paper such as I enclose, all with the address of 120th Battery R.A.F. What was the idea of sending this artillery paper? Anyway I want the account for the paper so that I may send you a cheque for the amount. If you fail to send it I shall make other arrangements to obtain things from England when I require them in the future.

The mail is not in yet to day, the time being only 11.40. I have not been out to church but shall try to acquire some little merit today by getting a few letters written. It is quite cloudy and damp to-day but the weather is ever so much milder than it was.

Yesterday afternoon three of us walked over to the town of Tamines where the German troops massacred the civilian inhabitants on Aug. 22 1914. We were down to the square beside the church where the murder took place. The people were all assembled at 20.30 o’clock and then shot down by machine guns in the light furnished by the burning houses. Many of the buildings in the place have been burned. 350 people were killed and they are all buried in the churchyard close by, four in a grave. There is a cross for each victim giving name and age. The eldest I saw recorded was 78 and the youngest 13. It makes one feel almost sorry the war is over to see a thing like this. I have seen a lot of dead Germans during the war but never enough to satisfy me. I wish that old humbug Wilson would let the Peace conference get on with the business of settling accounts with Germany instead of discussing Leagues of Nations and other moonshine. I have come to the conclusion that Wilson is either an impractical dreamer or a hypocrite, I don’t know which. In either case he is at present a menace. I wish the Americans would send Taft, Root or some such common sense man over to represent them.

In reply to your question regarding my office I must say that I understand that Dr. Follett has re-taken the lease for me. Certainly that is what the Royal Trust Co. meant to tell me.
Up to date I have not heard directly from Dr. Follett. I expect to do so almost any day now.

In yesterdays mail there was a big box of very fine chocolates for me and I haven’t any idea in the world as to whom I am to thank for them. The box has evidently been on the road a long time. It was badly knocked about and the address badly defaced. The name of the sender, if there ever had been any, was torn off. The chocolates were in very good shape and we are eating them despite the fact that we are in ignorance of the donor’s name.

Write often. I send you my never ending love.

Harold W. McGill

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