Belgium, Feb. 20, 1919

My dear wife;-

Your three letters of Feb 12, 13, & 14 respectively are all to hand. The first came the day before yesterday and the two latter yesterday. The mail is in for to-day but there were no letters of any kind in it for me. I should have written to you yesterday. I had intended doing so but went out in the afternoon and did not get back until nearly eleven o’clock at night. I had dinner with the Sixth Cdn Fld. Ambulance.

I must say that I was somewhat startled by the news in the letters that I received yesterday. I had hoped that we should have been able to get settled in our own home in Canada before anything like that happened. I feel very sorry for you and reproach myself that I did not show you a little more consideration. (I hope the beastly censor leaves this letter alone. You will be pleased to know that none of yours have been opened). Anyway I suppose that we must take the situation as it is and make the best of it. The news made me feel ever so tender towards you, even although I clearly foresee a danger that I may in time become No 2 on your list of persons entitled to special considerations. If demobilization is much delayed I fear that I shall not have much time to spend in England for we really must get back to Canada before midsummer. My country has now no particular need of my services, and I feel that my dear wife might find me useful or at least occasionally comforting if I could be with her everyday as I should dearly like to be.

Everybody is out of the mess but myself and I can thus have a heart to heart talk to you. Somehow I always like to be quite alone when I am writing to you. I may have mentioned this circumstance before.

It has been a beautiful day out but the sky is now clouding up and looks as though we may get some rain before night. Just after noon the sun was shining brightly and there was a feeling almost of spring in the air.

The Colonel is not yet back from Nice and I am still acting O.C. However there is very little to do. Fortunately the men are behaving themselves well and there is no difficulty in the way of enforcing discipline.

A circular came in to day asking for the names of officers who wished to go to China with the coolies returning home. Needless to say I am not forwarding my name unless you wish to go home at once. In this latter case we might both be back in Canada earlier if I went with the Chinks than if I wait for demobilization in the ordinary case of events.

What shall we do when we reach Canada? Go right back to Calgary to-gether or would you rather remain in Montreal for a time and see your sisters? Of course we must stay off for a few days but what I mean is this: had I better leave you there and proceed out to Calgary alone to look up a home for us. Whatever you say shall be our rule and guide, my dear.

I haven’t heard from Margaret for some time. She may be on her way to Canada by this time but I do not think so. She will almost certainly look you up in London before she sails for home.

You will not be able to make me cross with you, so go as far as you like in talking about my getting to England. It is a subject very dear to my heart and I like to think that I shall soon see you again.

I still have those papers about your trunk but I shall forward them to you under separate cover. Please do not think I am trying to shirk my responsibilities; but you see you are the only one who knows the contents of that trunk and consequently the only one capable of making the necessary affidavit.

Write me again soon please.

Your loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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