Belgium, Feb 23/19

Dearest Wife;-
Your two letters of Feb 14 and 18 respectively came to hand this afternoon. I hope that you found Miss Corbett in better shape than you anticipated. I remember her writing me last spring requesting me to exert disciplinary action and prevent you overworking your self.
Why do you think, my dear, that I might be annoyed by the news you sent me? I couldn’t be annoyed with you in any case. I shall be somewhat worried on your account it is true, but it is my turn to do a little worrying isn’t it? I fear you are in for a more severe campaign than ever I had during my three and a half years of war. And you must not think that I am making no attempt to reach England and you.
This morning I had a brain wave and this afternoon I put it into effect by writing a letter to the Royal Trust Co. Calgary, asking them to put in a request for my return to Canada on account of the urgency of my business affairs. This may or may not help us, but it will do no harm to get something like that working on the other side.
The O.C. & Major Dunham arrived back from leave last night. Col. Lomer will be leaving for Canada in a day or two. He is getting back because he was asked for by the City of Ottawa. He was health officer before the war.
The weather is dark and gloomy to day and I fear the tone of my letter may reflect some of the ill effects of the unfavorable climatic conditions. I miss you more and more after every leave. I am so glad that you have a large number of friends and relatives in Canada, for if I tire you you will be able to run away from me for a time and get a rest. Do you think our life will be one long leave? I am always haunted by the fear that you will get tired of me when we are living under ordinary work-a day conditions.
Please accept all my love
Yours ever
Harold W. McGill

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