Belgium, Feb 25/19

Dearest Wife;-
Your letter (A short one) came to hand this afternoon. No, I can assure you that I am not ill; haven’t even had a cold. I am very pleased to know that Miss Corbett is going along nicely. Did she have pneumonia.
Had a long letter from Dr. Follett yesterday and he sent his best regards to you. He wishes to know when we shall be getting back to Calgary as he wishes to make arrangements about the office. There is a vacant office next to mine in the building and he wishes to secure it provided I have no objection. We could use the one waiting room. Of course I shall be quite pleased to share offices with him and wrote him to that effect this afternoon. I also asked him to see the Royal Trust people and tell them that he wanted me to return as soon as possible because he wished to vacate the office. I have pretty well given up the P.G. idea and with to start for Canada as soon as possible.
I may have to sell some of my war bonds to raise money for the journey, but that cannot be helped. I am glad I have some to sell. It is well that I was able to save a little during the war for we shall need it when we get home.
Lt. Col. Lomer left for England to day. He is on his way to Canada. I hope I shall be the next to leave. I do not mind another month here but if we do not get to England before April I fear I shall be very impatient. You have become very necessary to me my dear. I fear that Kitchener was right when he said married men did not make the best soldiers. I hope that I shall be able to get over before the division so that we may occupy the “State Apartment” for a few days at least.
Yours with greatest love,
Harold W. McGill

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