Belgium, March 6/19

Dear Wife;-
There was no letter from you to-day but I had one from the Times Book Club in reference to the writing pads they sent in error. They asked for the return of the pads and I have just written them to say that this cannot now be done. As a matter of fact I gave the pads away to anybody who wanting scribbling paper, and they have been much utilized for keeping bridge scores.
The day has been wet and dull and there is not much in the climatic conditions to induce one to go out doors. The most important matter of business that I transacted today was to put in an application for return to Canada on grounds of urgent private and business matters. Something may come of it but I am not at all hopeful. However I now feel that I have taken all possible steps towards getting away. I did not forget to say that I wished to travel home with my wife.
I fear I must again trouble you to send me something, toothpaste this time. Please send me a tube of the same kind that you sent before. It was very good but I forget the name of it.
The A.D.M.S. phoned up again this morning asking me if I wished to take in the trip to Verdun. You may remember my mentioning the matter a day or two ago. I turned the offer down as I do not wish to view any more old battlefields. When he is ready to offer me a trip to Canada he may rely upon me for an acceptance.
We, or at least I, have had no Canadian mail for ever so long. I suppose my friends there think that we shall be on our way home before the letters would get here. I see by the papers that some of the Third Division units have left England.
You will note that I have been writing on the wrong side of the paper. I shall try to write to you every day from now on but hope that we shall soon be able to communicate with each other without the aid of notepaper.
Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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