Belgium, March 7 / 19

Dearest Emma; –

I was very pleased to have your letter of March 2 at noon to day. I also had one from Margaret written since she went to Eastbourne. She seems to like it fairly well down there but is naturally anxious to be on her way home.

The envelopes arrived to day, also the copy of “Life” and “Punch”. Thank you ever so much. The package containing the envelopes was torn at the corners a bit so if you receive letters in envelopes slightly soiled do not get “mad”.

I am so sorry to hear that you have been troubled with indigestion and sincerely hope that it will not get any worse. I am quite anxious about you having your trouble while I am over here. If you could have remained “As you were” till we reached Canada we should have had less worry. Do you feel sorry that you did not go home last December while I was in Germany? It would probably have made matters much easier for you.

The M.O. of a battalion here leaves for England on his way to Canada to morrow morning. He put in his application three months ago. What do you think of that for speed? What object is served by the dilatory way of handling these things is certainly beyond my power of guessing.

I hope the coal miners do not go out on strike for in that case we may be held up in England for weeks. It begins to look as though the Canadians may have to build ships to send after their own troops.

Well dearest this will be about all for to night. Are you sorry yet that were married when you were and to me? I feel that I missed a lot of life before I was married but I never contemplated doing if through any idea that it was the proper thing to do.

Good bye & Goodnight

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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