Belgium, March 11/19

Dearest Wife;-

Instead of writing to my dear wife as I should have done lat night I went off to a concert. The concert was fairly good but nothing to rave about. There was no letter from you in the mail to-day but yours of March 5 came to hand yesterday.

To-day I went down to Charleroi and had my eyes examined. The occulist didn’t find much wrong with my vision but thinks I should wear glasses for reading. He gave me a prescription which I may get filled some day. The only trouble is that I am getting old. It is rather startling to be told that any error of refraction present in my vision is probably only the effect of natural causes i.e. advancing age. The day was comparatively fine and I enjoyed the ride.

No, I haven’t heard anything about an application for my return to England having gone in on Feb. 17. If any such event occurred I am very pleased to know it. Anyway I shall be quite ready to go if a call comes for me. In any case it could not have been the effect of any effort of mine for there had not been time by that date for any of my applications to have produced results.

I had a letter yesterday from my brother who seemed very low spirited and worried. Ethel had been very ill with influenza and was making a poor recovery. Herb is now in Brandon where his business is. He intends to move the family down from B.C. this Spring.

There is no further news of demobilization or post graduate courses. I hope there is something in the report of the request for my return.

Your ever loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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