Belgium, March 15/19

Dearest Emma;-

Yesterday when I came home from the sports at Namur I found two letters waiting for me, yours of March 7 and one from Frances written Feb. 18. Today your two letters of March 8 & 9 respectively came to hand. Your letters are taking longer to come now than they did a short time ago, but you may be very sure that I am delighted to have them when they do arrive.

Yesterday was very bright and sunny. We had a good days outing although the sports were not very exciting. It is very difficult now to get the men interested and this is hardly a matter for wonder. Personally I find it very difficult to apply myself to anything. The only thing that arouses any interest is the question of the probable date of our going home. There is to be a Cdn. Corps Sports meet in Brussels on March 22, a week from to-day, but I doubt very much if it will be a great success. I hope it turns out all to the good though.

I was much interested to hear of Margaret having been about to sail on March12. Doubtless she will be half way across the Atlantic by now. She did not write me that she
was going, or at least if she did I have not yet received the letter.

Our unit turned in 26 horses and nearly all our wheeled transport to day. This looks promising for an early move. I still have hopes of getting to England ahead of the division, and still strong hopes of being able to go home on the same boat with you. If I go to the Bramshott with the unit I shall run up to London at the earliest date possible. It will not likely be worth your while to move down to Hindhead. I still think we may get away before the division but that would not matter so much provided I am able to get away on leave to do post graduate work. However the prospects of getting attendance upon clinics will not hold me back if we get a chance for an early passage home. Of course I should like the chance to do some setting up training before returning to civil practice, but since things are as they are with you the sooner you are back in Canada the better.

Are you very much disappointed the way things have turned out? I hope not for you know it was almost sure to happen sooner or later. However it would have been much better for all concerned had it been later.

Yours with greatest love
Harold W. McGill

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