Belgium, March 16/19

Dear Emma;-

Your two letters of March 10 & 11 respectively brought a bright ray of sunshine into my life this afternoon. It is a dull cold miserable day, and I do not remember ever having been more “Fed up” with things in general than just before the mail came in.

In one of your letters you started out to say that you were afraid of something, and then broke off adding that you would tell me when I reached England. I hope it is nothing very serious that is worrying you.

Please accept my thanks for the tooth paste, shaving powder and soap. All will come in very useful. Are you or are you not going to send me the bill for the goods? If you do not, remember that I shall not ask you to send me anything else – not for a time anyway.

I have heard nothing further of my application for recall to England for the purpose of proceeding to Canada with my dependent, the latter being your dear self. A brigade staff officer was into our mess this afternoon and informed us that our group would likely be moved to England on or about April 5. This will not be too bad if the information turns out to be correct.

Whatever made you ask me if I were sorry that we were married? The only question that ever concerned me was whether we should be married during the war or wait until it was finished. If I had decided upon the latter alternative I should not have mentioned the matter to you until the end of the war, and the Lord only knows where you would have been by this time; married to someone else perhaps. That might have been well for you but would most certainly have been bad for me.

Your loving husband
Harold W. McGill

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