Belgium, March 19, 1919

Dearest Emma;-

Your letter of March 14 came to hand this morning. It made very good time. The weather is a bit finer out to-day and makes one wish to be moving towards home.

This morning I sat upon a court of inquiry investigating the theft of some government property and this afternoon took some of the unit for a short route march.

An order came in to-day to the effect that no officers with dependents in England were to proceed to England ahead of their respective units, and that those already there would be held pending the arrival of said units. The order stated that the aforementioned dependents would be allowed to go home on the transports carrying the units of the officers concerned. The men similarly situated are being sent to England ahead of their units. I do not know why a distinction was made in the case of officers.

We had news to-day that our unit would be moved with the first group of the division and not with the second as we had expected. Our equipment is to be turned in next Monday March 24. We should be able to get away within a week or ten days after that. Anyway we should be in England within the next month.

I note your remarks regarding life in the army. I am in hearty accord. It isn’t right for me to say it but I am beginning to fairly loathe the sight of uniform. I shall get a suit of mufti in England to take home with me and I shall be in it within half an hour at the latest after the formalities of my demobilization are completed.

Your loving husband

Harold W.McGill

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