Belgium, March 22, 1919

Dearest Emma;-

I received a letter from you yesterday but none to-day. You will think me a frightful beast to have failed writing you for two days in succession.

The is the day of the Cdn. Corps sports meet in Brussels. It is a cold nasty day and as a consequence none of our officers went up. Had it been a bright warm day as it was a year ago I should have liked the trip myself. As it is there would be little joy in the trip especially in a car.

Our married men with dependents in England were to have left for England this evening. At the last moment we received a wire cancelling their move on account of the strike. We have up to date received no authentic news of this strike but I suppose it must be on. Otherwise these traveling warrants would not be held up. The men concerned are naturally much disappointed and are relieving their feelings by heartily cursing the strikers. I can sympathize with them for I am feeling blue myself. I had had hopes of meeting you within a couple of weeks but now I fear demobilization will be much delayed. It is hard to say what may not happen in England within the next few months.

What do you think about the business of going home? If I am to be held up here much longer your best plan would be to get passage across to Canada (If this is now possible) and wait for me in Montreal. I know how tired you must be waiting for me in London, but the Lord knows I am not remaining here upon my own volition. Certainly now that strikes are beginning in England I should rest much easier in mind if you were in Canada instead of where you are. Hope you hear from you to-morow.

Your loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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