France, Jan 4, 1918

Dear Wife;-

Had two letters from you the day before yesterday but none yesterday or to day. I can plainly see that you are about to adopt the third day system. Was very pleased to have your two letters and to know that the Drysdales are still taking a kindly interest in you. Hope you may acquire some skill in building and lighting fires before I go on leave again. You see I have some glimmer of a hope that I may get leave again before the weather gets too warm for fires.

Had a fine box of apples come in the mail to day. Mrs. Adams, my brother’s mother in law sent them to me. By the way you might send her an announcement. She is now with my sister in law in Vancouver. We have already consumed quite a few of the apples and I am afraid they are too good to last long.

How are you getting along with your announcements? I have thought of several more whom I wish honored but I neglected to make a list and have now forgotten the names.

Am getting a little caught up with my correspondence a little. I have now on hand only one Christmas parcel unopened. It is from the Calgary Medical Society. I have all the others acknowledged.

We are not kept very busy now. The work though is rather monotonous, i.e. training. It will be some little time before much fighting takes place unless the weather gets a lot warmer than it is at present. It has been fine and sunny the past few days but very frosty. I took the unit yesterday for a route march and was out the day before also. The roads are covered with ice and very slippery.

Do not bother sending me any socks for a time. My parcels have stocked me up well with both socks and handkerchiefs. I also received enough toilet requisites and smoking materials to last me a long while. Col. Kappele says he feels sure I have received a lot of my Christmas parcels under false pretences, referring of course to my newly wedded state. Good night my loved one.

Your husband

Harold W McGill