France, Jan. 1, 1917 [1918]

Dearest Emma;-

Happy New Year to you! I was made very happy by the receipt of your Christmas letter yesterday. I am so pleased that you expect to be comfortable and happy in your new place of abode. As to sleeping I have no doubt that you will be able to do that very nicely especially when you do not have me near to waken you by squawking in my sleep.

This has been a very quiet New Years Day for me. We stayed up last night playing bridge until the old year 1917 had finished its course. We then pledged each other our good wishes for the year 1918 and went to bed. As I left the mess to go to my billet I could hear in the distance the constant bellow of our guns sending New Years greetings to Fritz. This morning was bright and sunny and with the snow & frost reminded one of a New Years Day in Alberta. I wonder how long it will be before we have a chance to commence a New Year together in Canada.

Am very pleased to know that Mrs. Drysdale is still taking a friendly interest in your welfare. It will be nice for you to live in her vicinity. I wonder if she really does think you have chosen wisely. If so I trust that I may be able to justify her faith and yours. It sometimes scares me to think of how much dependence I have asked you to put in me.

We are all going out to town for dinner to-night, not as invited guests but simply to hold our New Years dinner in a café of a fair sized town a few miles away. We sent in our own turkey to get it cooked and will take our mess waiters along with us.

Margaret wrote me from the Kingsley Hotel and her letter reached me yesterday with yours. She will, barring accident, be now back in France. I hope the nurses’ quarters at the new site of her unit will soon be ready so that I shall be able to see her occasionally.

Good bye for to night dear heart.

Your loving husband

Harold W McGill

P.S. I wrote to Major Mayhood. HWMcG

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