France, June 2, 1918

Dearest Emma:-
Your letter of May 27 came this morning. I did not write you yesterday as I was very busy all day. In the afternoon we held our C.R.S. sports which had been postponed from May 24 on account of rain. The weather was perfect yesterday and the sports turned out a great success. The G.O.C. of the division attended, also the D.D.M.S. of the Corps, the A.D.M.S. division and I do not know how many more “Brass hats”. The were quite a good representation of Imperial and American officers. The last item on the program was a baseball game between the team from our Divisional train and the team from an American battalion. The Canadians won by quite a large score. In the evening we had a concert but I did not go. We censored the mail between 12 o’clock and l this morning.
To day has been very fine but the roads are very dusty and we need rain. I was away taking part in a game of indoor baseball this afternoon. Baseball is a game I have never played and I find the art a very hard one to acquire so late in life.
I may get a chance to go up and see Margaret some day this week and I am writing her to that effect to night. The enemy has been shelling the town where she is and I have been somewhat anxious, although I hear none of the shells fell near the C.C.S.
Found out some particulars about leave this afternoon. The medical service has been allotted only two leave warrants per month per division so I fear I shall not get my turn until near the end of the summer.
How would you like to go back to Canada? The O.C. has just shown me a communication to the effect that my services are required in M.D. 13 Calgary. I have not the slightest idea of what this may mean, and the O.C. is replying (at my request) that I cannot be spared for the present. Tell me when you write what you think of it.
Ever yours dearest
Harold W. McGill

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France, May 25, 1918

Dearest Emma;-

I did not have any mail yesterday but to-day received your two letters written on May 18 and 20 respectively.

Our sports program did not come off yesterday as the rain poured steadily all day. We had a moving picture show in the afternoon and a concert at night. The A.D.M.S. and D.A.D.M.S. dined with us, and after dinner they went to the concert with all of our officers except two of us who remained behind to censor the letters. The concert was very good and was put on again to-night. Capt. Dunham and I went to night. There was also quite a big bunch of British officers present. The concert was from one of the Canadian battalions and was much appreciated. It contained a sketch taken from the “Bringing Up Father” pictures and was excellent. Jiggs and Maggie were both perfect and I nearly went into convulsions.

General Bells’ brigade was holding an afternoon of sports to-day and Col. Kappele and I went over. I saw General Bell who inquired for you in his usual kindly manner. I think the General is quite satisfied I have made a judicious move in getting married and I am sure he is right. He will be fully convinced when he has the pleasure of meeting you which I hope he will in the not too distant future.

Could you send me some more envelopes like this one, please? I have plenty of note paper but my envelopes are nearly done. If you can send me a package I shall be infinitely obliged to you. Please excuse this hastily and badly written scrawl.

Your loving husband

Harold W. McGill

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